Basic FASD Messages

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) is a group of birth defects that is only found in babies of mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy:
  • FASD is prevented if the mother does not drink alcohol during pregnancy.
  • FASD is 100% preventable. No alcohol for mom during pregnancy then no FASD for baby
  • FASD is 100% permanent. The damage done by the alcohol cannot be undone
  • The safest choice for your unborn baby is not to drink any alcohol when you are pregnant
  • It is best to stop drinking alcohol when you are planning to have a baby
  • Alcohol harms an unborn baby in different ways at different times during the pregnancy
  • If you stop drinking alcohol at any stage it will make a difference to the baby
  • If you need help to stop drinking, talk to your health care worker at your healthcare centre. He/ She may have ways of helping you